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Business in Latvia


Business in Latvia

Why Latvia?  5 reasons we suggest to consider:

  • Low profit tax - 15 %
  • Low bureaucratic obstacles
  • First and last EU board with Russia
  • Highly educated and multi-lingual workforce
  • Special Economic Zones

 Latvia’s Corporate Income Tax rate is among the lowest in Europe at a flat rate of 15%. Personal income tax is also at a low flat rate of 25%.

Since Latvia is a part of the European Union, companies that invest in Latvia have a high possibility of qualifying for the EU Structural Fund support scheme, which will run from 2007 to 2013. The EU Structural Fund is a support project that provides financial grants in various areas of the economy such as training programs, innovation, R&D, value added manufacturing and technology/knowledge transfer.

Latvia is probably the best location to establish a business in Northern Europe. Riga itself is the largest Baltic city and located in the middle of the region, but in addition, not only is it centrally located in Northern Europe - the basis of Latvia's economic success but also it is the first and last EU boarder with Russia (except for Estonia and Finland), making it ideal for East/West trade.

There are 4 SEZ (Special Economic Zones) in Latvia (3 ports and 1 inland), all well connected to all infrastructure. They offer great deals on CIT (80% discounts) and 0% VAT with no custom or exercise duties.  

Have you decided to establish your business ion Latvia?

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