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About us

Business-Co-operation is the ideal partner for your business that wants ton grow internationally, improvingthe supply and distribution network.


Our offices in multiple countries, solid industrial partners, knowledge, methodology and professionalism facility the processes of international exchange for your company that surely intends to maximize its potential.

Business-Co-operation allows your company to enjoy a network of international sourcing and distribution, transforming fixed costs into variable costs and keeping a meticulous attention to quality certification processes.


Business-Co-operation will help your products to be more competitive, to improve your business to be more flexible and simultaniously to be able to take advantage of innovative and important channels  to enter new markets.


Business-Co-operation introduce:

  •      sourcing of purchase
  •      new distribution channels
  •      management of logistics flows
  •      skills development for human resources
  •      market studies and development of special projects

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