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Terms of services

Agreement on the use of services

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions concerning the use of the website (further - “Website”), which is provided by the company “LEO” Ltd. (further - “Company”). This Agreement is concluded between the company and physical or legal person (further - “User”).

This Agreement is the public offer of the Company.

Registration of the User on this Website confirms the acceptance of the given Agreement.


1. The User acknowledges and accepts the following:


1.1 Accepts to be familiar with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1.2 Accepts to be over the age of 18 years.

1.3 Will bear the personal responsibility for the content of the information and materials published on the Website.

1.4 Will bear the personal responsibility for the safety and confidentiality of the information necessary in order to get access to the Website.

1.5 Acknowledges that the Website may contain materials focused for adults.

1.6 Agrees to use the Website in accordance with all relevant legislations and regulations (including subordinate legislation and the rules of statutorily recognized regulatory authorities) in force in their state, country or in any other applicable territory.

1.7 Agrees to submit and display for open access a User’s e-mail address, contact phone numbers, website links and other contact information.

1.8 Agrees not to publish any material that may be deemed insulting, inaccurate, obscene, pornographic or immoral; material demonstrating cruelty, terror, violence; material deemed offensive and insulting human dignity; as well as any other materials not corresponding to the law and regulations.

1.9 Agrees not to mislead other Users, nor to pursue them and not to come into contact to other Users against their will. User Agrees not to be engaged in procurement.

1.10 If necessary the User will agree to provide the relevant license, permission or the certificate according to the request of the Company.

1.11 Agrees to contact other Users and to trade with other Users concerning any goods, works or services without any special coordination and agreement from the Company. User Agrees to use the Website for the distribution of promotional and advertising materials.

1.12 On registration and/or by submitting the advertisement, the User agrees for his/her personal information to be stored in a database of the Website.

1.13 On registration and/or by submitting the advertisement, the User agrees to receive advertising mailing.

1.14 Agrees that the Company reserves the exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, translate and also to alter the material added by the User to this Website or transferred to the Company by a different way, on a cable, wires or by means of other similar methods. Thus, any person can have an access to data in an interactive mode from any place and at any time at his/her choice (the purpose for the distribution of universal information).


2. The Company reserves itself the following rights:


2.1 To modify the Website at its own discretion.

2.2 To provide both paid and free-of-charge services to the User.

2.3 To unilaterally introduce changes to the given Agreement.

2.4 To alter (to make future amendments to) the costs and types of offered Services, expiry dates. The User still has the right to reject the paid Service – in such a case the User’s unconsumed payment resources will be returned to the User under the discretion of the Company. The transfer of payment from one User to another is not allowed to be performed.

2.5 To edit or delete the materials published by the User on this Website if they do not correspond to the conditions of the given Agreement or may harm the Company or other third parties.

2.6 To use the User’s published materials and personal data on this Website and located in the open access, in particular, mainly for the purpose of development of advertising materials and for the redistribution to other company sites and for other purposes.

2.7 Without an additional agreement from the User, reserves to other third parties to use personal data of the User so that the terms and conditions of this Agreement still apply.


3. The Company does not bear the responsibility:

3.1 For the content, authenticity and accuracy of the materials published by the User. The entire responsibility in this case is laid upon the User, who has placed inaccurate information. Any claims and disagreements arising with this Agreement should be resolved according to the legislation of the European Union.

3.2 For any harm, loss of information, and for causing of any other losses to any persons, who have used the service of this Website.

3.3 For infringements made by a User against an author's and other third party rights, caused by publication of materials (which do not correspond) inappropriate to the current legislation including author's rights, (added by the User on the Website or transferred to the Company in a another manner).


4. Confidentiality

4.1 All personal data of the User placed on this Website are protected by the laws and legislations on Confidentiality. Processing of data is conducted with the observance of the general principles of processing of personal data established in the legislation.

4.2 Having registered on the Website, the User agrees on the data processing legislation, specified in the User’s profile.

4.3. The registered User acknowledges and agrees that its data specified in this Website, is publicly available to all other registered Users on the Website (observing in a User’s profile an opportunity to select limitations to the certain registered User on access to separate data). The use of these data does not depend on the Website.

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