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The new international rules, described by the Kyoto Protocol, outlining a scenario in which the biomass is the largest biofuel market appeal , thanks to the high ratio price / quality .
The Baltic countries are certainly a unique resource , and we are pleased to manage the commercial segment of the largest firms Latvia , as well as being the official distributor of a leading manufacturer of production plant in Lithuania and most importantly, size and quality, in Hungary.
None of our products contain chemical additives or colorants, as evidenced by the certifications that we attach to the presentation of our products.
We can easily reach , thanks to our extensive logistical support , Germany, France, Hungary, Italy (both north and south ), and we are equipped to transport by sea in the UK .
We are well- stocked with both domestic product ( 6mm ) with low ash and light in color, arising from the processing of softwood , whether of industrial product (8mm ) for large boilers .
Packing in 15kg bags and big bags 1 ton .


The Iberian Mediterranean area and constitute the most important source for the production of olive oil.
Our agents located in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Morocco, we ensure, on a monthly basis, significant quantities of the product of choice.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil and simple residue, packaged in all formats, both in plastic containers, which can, of course, that in glass bottles of 1 liter and a half liters and 5 liters.
Transport by land and sea, for all locations in Europe.
Preferential channels in Italy, high level of health and quality certifications.
We place utmost attention on the origin of the product, the land and the plantations are controlled by skilled health institutes, as indicated by the labeling of the product.


The entire Baltic area is a world-class location for the processing of amber.
Technological innovations have not affected the craft tradition, which remains the pivot of this business.
The beauty of the products we offer are the result of the art manual and high quality of the material offered.
We offer a wide range of women's jewelery and decorative items and furnishings.
We can provide the same, raw amber.


We are ready to offer, according to the availability on the market, the highest quality of coral.
Our important trade links allow us to get the best product from North Africa and worked, as in the best traditions in Sciacca, Sicily or the Greek Tower in Naples, both in Italy.
We offer the product at enviable prices, and the credibility of our suppliers guarantees the best quality in both raw and worked in.
You will find us with a wide product range of colors and specialized technical support, thanks to our highly qualified staff.

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